10 Best Low Sodium Dog Food Brand Reviews For Heart Murmur

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10 Best Low Sodium Dog Food Brands For Heart Murmur

A dog with a heart condition doesn’t have the interior capacity to siphon blood at the rate his body needs. This condition is the essential motivation to utilize low-sodium canine food. Albeit as per the American Association for Food Control Official (AAFCO), canine food varieties should legitimately have at least 18% protein. 

Sodium is one of the fundamental minerals that dogs need and assumes numerous parts. It helps in controlling pulse and volume, keeping up the privileged osmotic harmony among intracellular and extracellular liquids, the transmission of nerve signals, and muscle work, among others. 

All dogs need low sodium dog food brand, normally added to canine food varieties as table salt (sodium chloride), sodium selenite, sodium tripolyphosphate, nitrite, and selenite, etc. Too little will bring about canine hyponatremia (low sodium in canines), while unreasonable will cause hyperkalemia. 

Patients with renal disappointment, liver sickness, heart issues like a heart mumble or congestive cardiovascular breakdown, hypertension, or maturing canines may require consumes fewer calories low in sodium. Also, You can read Top 10 Brands of puppy foods for sensitive stomachs


As their name suggests, they are uncommon dog food sources with a low substance of low sodium dog food brand, which serves the job of aiding canines who endure various afflictions, like kidney disappointment or heart mumbles. Subsequently, such food varieties are exceptionally intended for dogs on a sodium-confined eating routine. Along these lines, for our surveys, you will see that they contain a limit of 0.3% sodium. 

Regardless, sodium assumes an indispensable part in the wellbeing of your puppy, since it is accountable for capacities, for example, nerve signal transmission and liquid equilibrium. Just that, such food varieties keep up at a sound level, which is fundamental for dogs with uncommon medical problems.

Why Does A Dog Need Low Sodium Food?

Vets prescribe low sodium dog food brand food varieties to the dog having heart or kidney illnesses, and the canine having heart or kidney sickness should be set on a low sodium food. 

A dog with heart issues can’t siphon all the blood his body needs. Plasma is the essential method for moving supplements and oxygen all through the body. 

Without these characteristic powers, the dog’s organs and muscles don’t work as expected. The core of the creature can’t return blood with oxygen and supplements to the next body parts. This sluggish blood siphoning clarifies why the body of a dog with heart issues works gradually. 

Heart issues, like cardiovascular breakdown, are normal in dogs. Likewise, as in individuals, a dog develops old as he ages. As indicated by a gauge, “60% of little dogs, like the Chihuahua or the Yorkshire, experience the ill effects of a heart issue when they are more than ten years of age.” 

Additionally, 20 to 40% of dogs endure harm to the heart valves. These doors control the passage and exit of blood from this crucial muscle.

Best low sodium dog foods review

If you need low sodium dog food brand varieties, ordinary eating regimens low in this mineral are those for overseeing weight and heftiness (connected to heart issues and circulatory strain), coronary illness, renal sickness, and those for senior dogs. 

Take a gander at their ensured investigation no doubt. Note that the base sodium sum doesn’t reveal to you how much a particular brand has. 

Furthermore, the sum shouldn’t be lower than what AAFCO suggests. For grown-up support, the base sodium required is 0.08% dependent on dry matter investigation or 20mg per 1000 kcal metabolizable energy (ME), while for development and multiplication, the essentials are 0.3% and 80mg of 1000 kcal metabolizable energy. 

The following are audits of the best canine food sources low in sodium. All our information is from ensured examination, or TUFT Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, which has a rundown. 


The worth is restricted to the specific flavor, type (dry or wet), just as the planned life stage and breed size. Try not to expect a wet eating routine with a similar detailing that has similar sodium as its dry partner, or one for a little variety equivalent to for an enormous dog.

1. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Large Breed Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is intended to fulfill the soul of your dog’s inward wolf. With genuine chicken as the absolute first fixing, this high-protein, sans grain formula helps construct and keep up slender bulk. It additionally contains cancer prevention agent-rich LifeSource Bits, nutrients, minerals, and different supplements, in addition to glucosamine, chondroitin, and EPA to help your huge pal’s joint wellbeing and versatility. He’ll wail with charm after each nibble!

  • Blue Buffalo’s food sources consistently include genuine meat.
  • Life Protection Formula grown-up dog food contains fundamental proteins
  • An exact mix of cancer prevention agents, nutrients, and minerals deliberately chose by all-encompassing veterinarians.
  • A NATURAL DOG FOOD: BLUE dry canine food is made with the characteristic fixings improved with nutrients and minerals
  • Contains one (1) 30 lb of BLUE Life Protection Formula


2. Purina ONE SmartBlend Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

Purina ONE SmartBlend Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Adult Sensitive Skin and Stomach Salmon and Rice Formula is an overly nutritious dry dog food that will help in overseeing stomach and skin sensitivities. On the off chance that you need wet food, go for Purina ONE SmartBlend Chicken and Brown Rice Entrée Cuts in Gravy since it is additionally low in sodium (55 mg/100kcal) wet.

  • 31.1 Lb. Sack – Purina One Smartblend Natural Small Bites Beef and Rice Formula Adult Dry Dog Food
  • Genuine Beef Is The #1 Ingredient
  • Cancer prevention agent Blend To Help Support A Strong Immune System 
  • Characteristic Sources Of Glucosamine To Promote Joint Health
  • Omega-6 Fatty Acids Help Support Healthy Skin And Coat


3. Rachael Ray Nutrish Super Premium Dry Dog Food, Beef, Pea & Brown Rice Recipe

Rachael Ray Nutrish Super Premium Dry Dog Food, Beef, Pea & Brown Rice Recipe

Doing the change to a low-sodium diet can be an incredible possibility for your dog partner. With the numerous incredible food choices accessible, it will not be hard for your dog to adjust. Your dog will be oblivious and you’ll have the option to hold their wellbeing under wraps.

  • Contains (1) 28 Pound of Dry Dog Food. Temporarily, you may get either sack while we update our bundling
  • U.S. ranch-raised meat is the #1 fixing
  • Regular prebiotics help support sound assimilation
  • No fake flavors or counterfeit additives
  • There is no poultry result dinner, filler, wheat
  • Regular canine food with added nutrients and minerals


4. Hill’s Science Diet Adult 7+ Small Bites Chicken Meal, Barley & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

Hill's Science Diet Adult 7+ Small Bites Chicken Meal, Barley & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food
The low sodium dog food brand food by Hill’s Science is extraordinarily intended for senior, enormous dogs, including a formula that utilizes sheep dinner as its fundamental protein source. It highlights 24.3% protein, 16.4% fat, and 51.2% starches, which is a nice circulation of macronutrients. It contains 0.29% sodium, alongside omega-6 unsaturated fats and nutrient E to help heart wellbeing. Likewise, the food additionally contains glucosamine and chondroitin, to keep the joints of your canine sound. These elements make it exceptional. 

As per audits, the dogs love the kind of food, and consequently, it doesn’t present the principal issue of low-sodium canine food. Also, proprietors report that the layer of their dogs looks shinier and better. Notwithstanding, a few proprietors referenced that a few packs had an unusual scent; regardless, not a significant issue.

  • This dry food is defined for the particular maturing needs of your toy or little variety canine
  • Simple to-process fixings help support energy levels and keep a solid insusceptible framework
  • Adjusted minerals for heart and kidney wellbeing 
  • Little kibble with great protein for slender muscle
  • Made in the USA with worldwide fixings you can trust 


5. The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Grain Free Turkey Dog Food 10 lb – Embark

The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Grain Free Turkey Dog Food 10 lb - Embark

Legitimate Kitchen Human Grade presents to us their low-sodium canine food that comes in three introductions: Free Range Chicken, Ranch Raised Beef, and Cage-Free Turkey. Since hamburgers and chicken are the least in sodium, we will zero in on them. 

The Free Range Chicken contains 25% protein, 14% fat, and 48% carbs. Then again, the Ranch Raised Beef contains 22.5% protein, 8.5% fat, and 53% starches. The two adaptations contain roughly 0.3% of sodium, and for the two introductions, they utilize dried-out chicken and got dried-out hamburgers individually, which are preferred wellsprings of protein over a chicken feast, for example. 

As per surveys, dogs like the taste, and many have revealed that it is particularly useful for little varieties. The lone cons they have announced are the cost and the substance of sodium selenite, however shockingly, most business canine food sources incorporate it too.

  • The Honest Kitchen Grain-Free Turkey canine food.
  • Complete and Balanced sustenance for grown-up dogs and little dogs, everything being equal.
  • Just add warm water for a healthy and scrumptious supper.
  • Unlike most pet food, which is feed grade, this formula is 100% human evaluation.
  • WE SAY NO TO: This formula contains no additives, results, fillers, GMO fixings, corn, wheat, or soy.


6. Wellness Natural Pet Food Complete Health Natural Dry Dog Food

Wellness Natural Pet Food Complete Health Natural Dry Dog Food

Wellbeing presents to us their low-sodium canine food that highlights sheep dinner as its fundamental protein source, and sound starches like earthy colored rice, peas, and yams. For the fat, it utilizes chicken fat. It includes the accompanying conveyance of macronutrients: 24% protein, 12% fat, and 45% starches. 

It contains roughly 0.3% of sodium, and it highlights additional items, for example, omega-3 and omega-6 unsaturated fats, just as minerals and nutrients. As we would see it, it is a nice dry canine food choice; nonetheless, utilizing chicken fat isn’t the most ideal approach to adjust omega-3 and omega-6 unsaturated fats. 

As per audits, it has incredible taste and generally speaking, dogs like it. In this manner, it takes care of business. In any case, know about your canine has a sensitivity to chicken since this food contains chicken fat, something that a few proprietors have griped about.

  • Appreciate a long period of prosperity
  • Ideal energy and sound-safe process.
  • Entire body wellbeing
  • Track down the correct food
  • Made in the USA utilizing hands down the best worldwide sourced fixing


7. Natural Balance Ultra Premium Wet Dog Food with Real Meat & Brown Rice

Natural Balance Ultra Premium Wet Dog Food with Real Meat & Brown Rice

The low sodium dog food brand by Natural Balance highlights venison as its primary protein source, which is normally low in sodium, considerably more than a hamburger. It is liberated from grains and fillers and uses yams as its wellspring of sugars. 

It contains roughly 0.3% of sodium. Separating it by macronutrients includes the accompanying conveyance: 20% protein, 10% fat, and 52% sugars. It doesn’t highlight additional items; nonetheless, it publicizes unmistakably that it does exclude poultry, counterfeit flavors, or additives. 

As indicated by audits, the food has an astounding taste, which makes it extraordinary for even particular canines. Besides, proprietors have not announced unfavorably susceptible responses, which confirm their case of not adding grains or fillers.

  • Contains 13 Ounce Cans
  • Complete, balanced nutrition
  • High-quality energy sources
  • Supports digestion
  • Maintains  health


8. The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Organic Grain Beef Dog Food 10 lb – Verve

The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Organic Grain Beef Dog FoodWith more than 674 audits on Amazon, most importantly, a client affirms and says, “It is my little dog’s #1 food, huge varieties can burn through it for its reasonable phosphorus levels. Furthermore, interestingly, you understand what you are providing for your dearest companion”. 

This Honest Kitchen equation is one of the low sodium dog food brand sources that give a good arrangement of wet and dry food. They dry it out to keep up its newness. Accordingly, you should simply add warm water. 

The novel safeguarding technique makes it liberated from counterfeit additives. It is additionally liberated from side effects and GMO fixings. All things considered, they utilize solid fixings like hamburgers, natural entire grains, potatoes, blueberries, and the sky’s the limit from there.

  • Overly TASTY
  • Reasonable FOR ADULT DOGS
  • ALL NATURAL and normal
  • HUMAN GRADE the Honest Kitchen is made with 100% human evaluation.


9. ORIJEN Dry Dog Food, Grain-Free, High Protein, Fresh and Raw Animal Ingredients

ORIJEN Dry Dog Food, Grain-Free, High Protein, Fresh and Raw Animal IngredientsThe low-sodium dry dog food by Orijen highlights an elite recipe that joins chicken, turkey, mackerel, and eggs, to concoct a high-protein elective. Its central goal is to bring dogs sustenance that meets their natural necessities, and hence, they use meat, organs, and ligament from the creatures, just as sound sugars for low sodium dog food brands.  

It contains roughly 0.3% of sodium, and it includes the accompanying circulation of macronutrients: 38% protein, 18% fat, and 32% sugars. They offer low sodium food with the most un-substance of sugars, which is monstrous in addition to. Besides, the nature of their protein is better than most business brands. 

As indicated by surveys, the canines love the flavor, and it is because of the great quality wellsprings of protein they use, just as the absence of risky added substances. The lone grumblings are about the cost and size, yet all things considered, it is a portion of exceptional canine food, and thus it comes appended to such sticker price.

  • ORIJEN Original canine food conveys an eating regimen rich and different.
  • With 85% quality creature fixings, ORIJEN supports dogs as per their common, organic necessities
  • Utilizing new and crude creature fixings
  • Our Fresh Regional Ingredients are provided by individuals we know are conveyed to our kitchen new or crude
  • Age Range Description can be varied by your choice,

10. The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Organic Grain Turkey Dog Food 10 lb – Keen

The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Organic Grain Turkey Dog Food 10 lb - KeenMade with 100% human-grade fixings, you can depend on the nature of this brand. Besides, the food is dried out instead of cooked to safeguard the healthful trustworthiness of the crude fixings.

  • Reasonable FOR ADULT DOGS
  • Simple HOMEMADE
  • HUMAN GRADE Unlike most pet food
  • WE SAY NO TO: This formula contains no additives


Animal Proteins To Feed The Dog’s Heart

Meat contains a minuscule but fundamental substance to deal with the dog’s heart: taurine. This atom takes care of the heart cells of the creature. Furthermore, it improves the dog’s heart’s capacity to get a fundamental development to siphon blood at its pulse. 

Accordingly, to focus on and feed the dog’s heart, the dog’s eating routine should contain creature proteins. That is fish, chicken, and cow, among different items. Look at the salmon canine food choices. 

The advantages of taurine for the dog’s heart have been concentrated by the Veterinary Cardiology Service of the University of Sacramento (USA). “Taurine lacks a decent piece of heart affliction in dogs,” finish up these scientists. The job of this little atom “clarifies that dogs with heart issues may have to take a taurine enhancement” You should counsel your veterinarian to show the suitable everyday sum.

Why Low Sodium Food For Dogs?

At the point when a Dog’s heart doesn’t siphon sufficient blood to its body, it needs other healthful consideration. Subsequently, it is important to lessen the measure of salt (low sodium dog food brand ) in the canine’s eating regimen. “The salt presses the core of the creature, and this is tragic.” Excess salt in the eating regimen makes it significantly harder for the dog’s debilitated heart to work. Thus, the calories that deal with the dog’s heart and in general well-being are low in sodium. This nourishment decreases the additional heap on the heart.

What Is Considered As Low Sodium For Dog Food?

The Association of American Feed Control Officials suggests dry canine food sources contain in any event 0.3% sodium. According to the assessments, 60 to 90 percent of dogs with ongoing kidney sickness additionally have some level of hypertension or hypertension. Since hypertension can additionally hurt the kidneys; furthermore, food varieties that are high in salt (explicitly, sodium) low sodium dog food brand can expand circulatory strain. It is in this way vital to feed a low sodium diet to dogs with kidney infections. 

Picking dog food is consistently a task that requires unique consideration. Food is a dog’s fuel, and a legitimate eating routine will help improve the hairy companion’s satisfaction. This proposal is pertinent when the canine experiences coronary illness. 

Top-of-the-line food sources regularly have nourishment for dogs with heart issues. 

A large portion of the business brands of very good quality dog food has exceptional lines for dogs with heart issues. These sorts of food varieties contain less sodium (salt) than expected. Also, they incorporate fundamental taurine. Polyphenols, substances that vegetables normally contain, are different parts that reinforce the canine’s heart. The polyphenols help the heart-related medical care of dogs and people.

Loss Of Appetite In The Sick Animal

A dog with coronary illness may experience the ill effects of a deficiency of craving. Hence, numerous food sources intended for wiped-out dogs come as jars or wet weight control plans and not as feed. This canned food is less appealing to dogs.

Picking a handcrafted diet for your dog, given a canine nutritionist or veterinarian sources, it is another choice for taking care of a dog that experiences heart issues. This chance permits you to redo the canine’s menu and adjust it, contingent upon each breed.

What Are Good Habits For The Dog’s Heart?

Exercise is critical to keeping your dog’s heart fit as a fiddle. A creature should stroll at any rate for 30 minutes per day. If you have an insane occupied timetable you can even think about a dog treadmill. Track down a fitting dog chain, choker, or tackle for your canine’s treadmill workout. 

Customary active work likewise forestalls stoutness in the dog. Being overweight is perilous for the dog and its heart. Overall, somewhere in the range of 20 and 40% of dogs are overweight. 

You need to deal with a canine’s eating regimen from its doggy stage. Embracing the dog’s eating routine to every one of its indispensable stages is the most ideal approach to deal with its heart’s wellbeing. 

Little dogs have quicker digestion: this clarifies that their heart issues are more incessant. 

Level dogs regularly experience difficulty breathing because of their head and gag’s one-of-a-kind constitution. For these creatures, forestalling and focusing on heart sicknesses are significantly more applicable. 

Offering a top-notch diet to the dog is vital for dealing with its well-being; particularly, when it experiences a heart issue. So choose a low sodium dog food brand. 

Food For Dogs With Heart Problems

You may discover relentless heart issues all through a wretched existence. These well-being-related issues may cause you to think about changing to an appropriate eating regimen. Numerous youthful dogs experience the ill effects of these inconveniences too. Be that as it may, it is ordinary for old canines to have heart issues. 

Recollect that it is vital for screen viewpoints, for example, the dog’s weight and the fixings that your dog takes. Regardless, caring for different aspects of an eating regimen is essential if your dog has heart issues.

Benefits of a Low-Sodium Diet

Providing your dog with a recipe that is low in sodium can furnish them with various advantages. Not exclusively would it be able to help deal with a scope of conditions, however, it can do something amazing for your dog’s general wellbeing.


A lot of salt can prompt parchedness in dogs similar to it can with people. By scaling back the sodium, your dog can remain hydrated for the day. This will assist your pooch with trying not to drink a lot of water. A lot of water can influence their circulatory system and kidney wellbeing. It can likewise prompt relentless loose bowels. A low-sodium diet will permit them to hold more water to flourish

Blood Pressure Management

One basic issue that is brought about by significant degrees of sodium is hypertension. Hypertension can prompt various heart conditions, strokes, and coronary episodes. Changing to a low-sodium diet can help direct their circulatory strain. This will profit their heart and different organs all through the body.

Senior Health

Senior dogs are helpless to numerous ailments. They can experience the ill effects of osteoporosis, helpless nerve capacity, and muscle issues. Osteoporosis can prompt delicate bones while nerve and muscle issues can cause massive torment as they move. 

Diminishing their source of low sodium dog food brand can assist with keeping these conditions from happening and help to ease the manifestations in more established canines that as of now have them.

Recommended Sodium Levels for Canines

The perfect measure of low sodium dog food brand your dog necessities to remain solid relies altogether upon your dog’s wellbeing, size, weight, and breed. For the most part, dogs shouldn’t burn through anything other than 100 milligrams of sodium for every 100 calories they eat. 

Probably the most ideal approach to control how much sodium your dog is burning is by taking a gander at the level of the food.

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