Most Reasons of Why Does Dog Play With His Food Before Eating?

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Most Reason for why Does Dog Play With His Food Before Eating?

In every pet owner, common tension is their dog playing with their food. Basically, a dog creature is playful by its natural habit. Dogs need more playing time in a day. In that case, dogs want to play with their food while taking food. While you spend more time with your dog, you can realize that the dog has a broad repertoire of behavior. Even while you properly trained up your puppy in that time, your dog can behave weirdly. A lot of dog owners worry about their dogs during eating time. In this article here I’m going to show how your dog can play with his food and how you can get rid of this feeding problem.

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The root of behavior: 

In nature, dogs’ behavior is hunting and feeding, and that’s why they do not like to eat on any schedule. They want to take food and survive on their own; they don’t need anyone’s care. Some pets can survive this system, but as dog creatures, they play with their food. Moreover, sometimes dog owners feed them very much; in that case, dogs will play with their food.

Today’s puppies don’t need to hunt because their owners provide food on a schedule. A number of dogs can play with their food because of a lack of exercise. They get entertainment while playing with food. To prevent from playing with food, you must give a proper time to exercise and burn its energy. Make a food diet schedule that can make a feeding routine. It may help to prevent playing with food. 

Develop dogs behavior: 

Mealtime is not playing time, but like a dog’s creature, your puppy wants to play with food. To prevent your puppy from playing with a portion of food, you need to train up your puppy. Generally, dogs are wildly and want to hunt. But you can make it a pet after training properly. As with other dog owners, you don’t like that your puppy plays with his food. Spending more money on dog food was not wise at first. You may make a feeding schedule every day. It helps to develop dogs’ food-taking habits and reduce playing with food. 

Basically, dogs are playing with their food when they can not take food at the same time every day. Before mealtime, you can take your dog with you and run for at least 10 minutes so that he feels hungry and burns calories. After that, your dog can’t play with his food because he is already tired and hungry. It works as a mental workout. The other way is buying a dog feeding toy. There are many shops available where you can buy pet feeding toys and games that help to keep your dog playing with his food. In this way, you can change and develop your dog’s behavior.

Maintain a food chart and schedule:

To keep your puppy retrained from playing with food, you can make a food chart and daily feeding schedule. Dog creatures can easily catch a schedule. If you feed them with a food chart, they are used to it and don’t play with food. Before providing your puppy, you can run with your puppy for 10 minutes so that they can get tired. After maintaining this schedule, your dog may get used to this schedule and can’t play with his food.

Other solution:

If you are a multiple dog owner, you can feed them in a separate room. Make sure they do not play with their food. Don’t disturb them while they are eating. Keep them peach because they need a peachy environment while taking food. In general, dogs need to keep a cool environment while taking food. They don’t like any other interruption while eating a meal. Also a great solution I suggest while taking food. It is called a dog’s toy, which can prevent it from playing with food while the dog is eating. 

How can you train your dog to prevent playing with food?

Generally, dogs’ creatures are naturally playful and like to play more. So your pet dog may be playing while it is mealtime, especially if some dogs are playing with its food. Basically, if you’re a new pet owner, you may be tense about the dog’s feeding process. Here I provide some working solutions that your dog can’t play with his food. 

Here I provide 5 steps to prevent playing with food:

  • Step 1:

The first step is to keep your presence during feeding time. If you are present in the feeding season, then your new puppy can’t play with food and be trained up properly. After one or two weeks, he is used to taking food without any hunky punky, and then you don’t need to present. Your puppy is now smart enough to take food without your presence. 

  • Step 2:

In this step, you need to treat a tasty meal. Sometimes dogs can’t eat because their food is not tasty, and they play with food. To avoid this situation, you need to ensure tasty and mouthwatering food.

  • Step 3:

Make a feeding time schedule that helps to keep a routine. If your dog is used to a routine, he can take food and don’t play with food. 

  • Step 4:

Try hand-feeding at a beginner level. If your puppy is small and can’t take food properly, you can use your hand. It can be the best solution that your puppy can use to take food without playing. After a few days, your pet used to take food without any argument. 

  • Step 5:

After all, you can use a feeding toy if your dog is much more naughty. While you properly train your puppy but he remains the same in that case; you can use feeding toys that help to reduce playing with food. In the pet market, there are many toys and games items available that you can buy for your pet dog.

Why does your dog dance around food?

Dogs are one of the animal creatures that can’t take food properly. They usually play with food and dance around food. Sometimes dogs are hungry, but they do not take food and play with food because they probably do not like this food or this food is not delicious. Sometimes when your dog is bored, they can dance around food. Some dog owners don’t do any exercise before eating. At this time, dogs can dance around food and can’t eat. Furthermore, when your dog goes to take food, you can talk with her, such as “is this food delicious” in this way, you can concentrate your dog with you, and if you properly train up your dog, it won’t dance around food. So the best solution is to play with your dog before eating a meal. Exercise loses its energy so that it can’t dance while eating. 

Final words:

Dogs are one of the worst creatures which play a wired behavior. Sometimes they play with food, dance around food. Dogs’ nature is playful, and their habit is to play with others like food. When taking food habitually, it can play with food. For changing this habit, a dog owner needs to train it properly. They can talk with dogs when they are eating, before eating they can go out for exercise. Generally, those dogs can’t properly play in a day and can play while taking food. One of the popular systems is buying dog toys for playing. If they can play properly and exercise daily, they don’t need to play more. Finally, it can be said that you need to train your dog correctly so that they can’t play during mealtime. 

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